THE KING AND I March 2013

Throughout our time staging shows we have always tried to  offer a diverse range of productions for both participating members and audiences to enjoy.  

We have tackled most of the familiar favourites as well as some unusual ones too.  From Gilbert & Sullivan to the high end opera Il Travatore, TOPS have maintained a passion for musical theatre in all its many forms.

In staging our shows great thought is given to how we costume and present the production and every detail is considered to make the audiences experience as authentic as possible.  Costumes hired or made especially for the show are chosen to give an authentic view of what and how people would have been dressed during the period depicted in each show.  For the Mikado, Kimonos, for the 1920’s, Flapper Dresses and Dinner suits and for OLIVER! A motley mix of Dickensian attire and ambiance of Victorian England.  

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